Software Development

Business Process Automation (BPA) involves the use of software to automate manual tasks in order to reduce business expenses. That might mean designing and building a new software system, extending or improving on an existing one, or integrating existing disparate systems in order to achieve greater automation and efficiency. Total Data Solutions have over 10 years experience developing business automation solutions for businesses of all sizes, and across a varied range of industries including gaming, media, finance, energy, marketing and retail. Business automation software is designed and built to generate tangible improvements in a businesses bottom line, by reducing labour costs, increasing productivity and eliminating missed opportunities.

As with all IT investment, budget is an important consideration in deciding whether or not a business automation solution is right for your business. The goal of achieving maximum Return On Investment (ROI), based on costs, savings, strategic benefits, and risks, is possible only by adhering to strict development guidelines, which have continually proven to lead to success. The software development process as applied by Total Data Solutions involves the following steps:

  • Gathering of requirements with you and any other subject matter specialists from within your company
  • Preparation of documentation, outlining how the proposed solution will satisfy each requirement
  • Systems development
  • Testing performed by us
  • Testing performed by you and the people within your company who will become the end users of the system
  • Implementation of the new system into your company
  • Guaranteed support

Total Data Solutions will manage the project from start to finish, ensuring it stays on time and on budget. You and your project stakeholders will be kept updated throughout the project, and regular reviews of progress made will be arranged to keep the project focused, and to discuss whether requirements have changed.

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