Corporate Intranets

A corporate intranet is software in the style of a typical website, but instead of being exposed to the public internet, it is only accessible from within your companies private network. Because of this, intranets are designed to perform a far different role to a public website. Rather than being a businesses sales or marketing tool, where visual appeal and sales focused content are the main goal, an intranet is designed with functionality in mind. It can be a communications hub or bulletin board for employees, it can be a place to share and work on documents common to various people or departments within a company, it can be a reporting portal where employees can go to find up to the minute, business critical information, and many other things. It can be whatever you want it to be, and it can be the most valuable asset your company has.

Total Data Solutions has been building corporate intranets in various styles for the last 10 years. Starting with the most basic employee communications and calendar tools, to the other end of the scale, giving you and your employees the ability to publish and search for the most business critical sales and performance data, up to the minute. Putting this kind of information at the fingertips of your employees empowers them to make the right decision at the right moment, meaning you'll never be left behind.

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  • Intranet - Employee Home Page

    Intranet - Employee Home Page

  • Intranet - Shared Documents

    Intranet - Shared Documents