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Scott Christensen is a Queensland-based ocean artist who hand paints original oil paintings. Scott's ability to capture the beach and ocean in detail on canvas has gained him recognition on the world stage.

Project Overview

Scott contacted Total Data Solutions when he was investigating the viability of investing in a new website for his artwork business. He was already well established in his field, both locally and nationally, having won several major awards for his work, as well as having featured in numerous media publications.

Scott had an existing website, which he had built himself, but felt it could use a freshen up, as well as the addition of a few key new features:

  • Shopping cart / Payment gateway so that customers could purchase his artwork and gift certificates through the website
  • Gift voucher / Promo voucher generation and tracking capability to allow customers to purchase and redeem vouchers through the website
  • The ability for his wholesalers to purchase his work through the website at wholesale prices
  • The ability for potential new wholesalers to submit applications
  • The ability to create and track consignment orders
  • Newsletter / Marketing Campaign capability
  • Full administration console for managing artwork galleries, pricing, orders, etc

Scott asked Total Data Solutions to tender a quote for the project, and after some negotiations, gave us the approval to get started.

Development Challenges

In concept, Scott hadn't asked for anything particularly challenging, but, being an artist, and with the primary goal of the site being to promote and sell his works, the design of the site was critical. With the assistance of the team at ESOFX, we came up with a clean, modern, and minimalistic design, that allows the artwork to be the focus.

Technologies Used

The Scott Christensen Original Artwork ecommerce website is an ASP.NET 4.0 web application running on top of a SQL Server 2008 database, with LinQ to Entities acting as the middle tier. A 128 bit SSL certificate secures the payment processing section of the site, which integrates with both Scott's bank directly via Secure Pay, and PayPal.

Project Outcome

The final product is a visually impressive, highly functional website, that is now acting as a new income source for Scott's business. He intends to use it as a model for future Scott Christensen websites to be launched into overseas markets such as the UK, US and Japan.

"Not only does the site look pretty, it has a robust administration section where I can track sales, manage all products, make changes, issue discount codes and fire off newsletters to the contact list which is automatically collected - Full shopping cart facilities linked to my bank and PayPal, and sorts out all shipping costs which are a little tricky with my business - Just to name a few features. It will simplify my admin for years to come."
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